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All employees are fully involved in the process of continuous improvement that aims to reach the following objectives:


  • • To guarantee reliable products and services in accordance with the customers' requirements.
  • • To be the leader in innovative technology by becoming the major supplier in the market
  • • To ensure a mutual respect and evolution of all employees.
  • • To grow while being satisfied with the work done and by seeking to
  • improve every day with determination, intelligence and innovative ideas.

Bobet wishes to offer each employee the opportunity to understand and share the principles of Quality by affording everyone the possibility of knowing. All staff must be put in conditions that enable them to do what the company asks of them and have an available power of organisation. The company is persuaded that employees share the above stated principles that underline ethics of individual responsibility, the first condition of shared management. Each employee must therefore adhere to these principles and bring them into play.


In order to define the Quality System in an unequivocal way, it is therefore essential to speak the same language in the firm.


For us, Qualilty means :


  • • Conformity with the requirements agreed between the client and the supplier.
  • • Prevention
  • • The guarantee that a corrected nonconformity, consequently resolved, can no longer be seen during the process (= 0 fault standard)
  • • Measuring the efficiency of the process of continuous improvement by means of the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)



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