A family company passed down from father to son

Georges Bobet
Georges Bobet

1937 : Georges BOBET, a rubber engineer, found the company whose main activity is the production of coated fabrics. He ran the company until his death in 1962.


1945 : Robert Saubry-Bobet, his adopted son, ensures continuity.


1968 : He gives a new impetus to the firm by transferring it to the Grand Quevilly, where a new building of 9.000 m² was constructed on grounds of 20.000 m².


1979 : Marc Saubry-Bobet joins the company and creates a new type of product : "High performance rubberised fabrics".


Robert Saubry-Bobet
Robert Saubry-Bobet

1980 : Creation of a research and test laboratory in which technicians carry out more than a hundred research projects each year.


1994 : Bobet Co receives its ISO 9002 certification.


1999 : Bobet Co receives its ISO 9001 certification.


2000 : Bobet Co installs its thermal oxydating equipment to comply with environmental norms over emissions


2008: New shareholders acquisition and new Group structure


2013: Bobet Co is back alone with a single 100% shareholder


2014: Bobet invests 1m€ over a new thermal oxydating system

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