Competence & Technology

BOBET : a specialist of study, development and production of high performance rubber coated fabrics

Know-how, expertise and technology proposed by Bobet allow us to develop and supply to our customers a huge variety of rubberized fabrics by spreading: one/ two sides coating, cured/ uncured/ partially cured products, multi-layered products (barrier film inserts), dipping/impregnation, etc. The thickness of our rubber coated fabrics is between 0,17 mm and 1,2 mm, total average weight is between 150gr/sqm and 1000 gr/sqm and average coated width is between 1 mt and 1,70 mt.


Production Equipments (open mixers, coating lines, autoclave, rotating press, etc.) and control and measuring devices allow Bobet to produce rubber coated fabrics which face even the most demanding requirements.


All the rubberized fabrics, one or two sides coated, can be vulcanized or not.


Bobet's rubber coated fabrics are devoted to industrial usage which means that they must comply with technical and quality strict requirements.


Technical features of our rubber coated fabrics are established by our R&D/Lab Service in close partnership with our customers.


Every step of manufacturing process passes frequent and strict controls, checks : incoming and outgoing materials are all carefully inspected.


Rubber coated fabrics proposed by Bobet are being developed in our property lab, given the specific technical requirements of our customers.

Bobet is also able to offer rubber coated fabrics from fully sourced to pure sub-contracted basis.


Bobet is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified and remarks its engagement to analyse and define technical and quality requirements together with its customers in order to grant them the highest level of satisfaction.


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