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BOBET : the Company directed towards continuous improvement

With an annual production of more than 2m sqm of rubber coated fabrics,, Bobet is today one of the main industrial leaders specialized in production and sale of elastomeric coated fabrics for various sectors and applications, offering to its customers a wide range of rubberized textiles, single or double sided, cured/ uncured/ partially cured, fully sourced/ subcontracted, whose thickness is between 0,17 and 1,2 mm.


The objectives include a method to manage quality which is built upon the principle of continuous improvement, in accordance with ISO 9001 norms and requirements.


For all of these reasons Bobet is fully committed to :


 - set up in place anything to answer to customers' requirements and needs and increase their satisfaction level ;


 - set up anything to allow to fine tune continuously the manufacturing processes.


Quality Policy definition is useful to uniform Bobet's actions to strengthen its position on value added rubber coated fabric market.


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