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The management of Bobet Company has established a common vision of the market by detecting out detailed requirements by a study deeply involving customers. At first, these new needs appeared following the profound changes generated by the globalisation process, and increasing with the international crisis.

 The Management team then evaluated the intrinsic potentialities of the company that can, today, be proud of a greater technical skill / experience in terms of products and process, but which can rely on a consolidated position on the international level.

 All these evaluations led to a common global vision that is absolutely essential in determining what the group today can hope to achieve in the framework of this market by taking into consideration the technical, human and financial resources.


After validating a common Vision, the Management Team defined the company's ambitions and could established its Mission as follows :


We wish :


  • To be the market reference for rubber coating for customer and suppliers by introducing innovative technical solutions for the products along with competitive and quality services and with improved and automated processes.


  • To create Value with the greatest respect for human and environmental rights.


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